The Versatility of Plastic Cards

Items like reward cards, discount cards, loyalty cards, and membership cards are gaining in popularity because business realize how cost-effective they are, and how well they work at encouraging repeat sales. Typically, printed plastic cards have the business name and logo in vivid color, and indicate the exact type of reward that can be received upon presentation. A reward card, for example, will have “Reward” printed on it. That helps to measure marketing success based on the specific campaign or promotion, but may limit the versatility of the card. That approach means new Printed ID Cards have to be issued with each promotion, which can get expensive and confusing.

The cost of plastic cards is nominal, but having different ones printed, mailed, and issued for every campaign will add up quickly. It may also confuse customers regarding which card they have. Customers may think they have a discount card when they have a rewards card, or visa-verse. Employees may also get confused when checking out customers. Creative business owners can have one plastic card printed with an eye-catching graphic, the logo as the focal point of the card, or a start date embedded in a magnetic strip on the back. That one specific card can be used for any promotion going on at the time the card is presented. That could be a certain percentage off in February; a free gift in May; and extra reward points in October. One card can be used for any entire year of campaigns. Plastic is durable which eliminates extra costs for replacement cards. It can be used for loyal customers and new ones alike, and the business enjoys a higher return on the investment. Owners can visit here for other ideas, and to view different styles of plastic cards.


The variety of cards available will suit any business across industries. Transparent cards, key cards, shaped cards, and snap cards are all possibilities. A transparent card, for example, will stand out in the wallet. Key cards are convenient and easy to carry; while shaped cards can be found quickly among all the other promotional cards customers are offered. Depending on from where the cards are ordered, turnaround times are fast, printing is high-quality, and cards are cost-effective. Some companies also offer free design services for businesses that need a logo, are looking for a unique font or style for the name, or are open to suggestions for graphics. Check out to begin exploring the versatility of plastic cards. 

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